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Team Building around Thailand

Amazing Race Bangkok and throughout Thailand

Amazing Race Bangkok
What better way to explore your host city than with a fun Amazing Race taking your teams to famous landmarks while developing team work!

Raft Building Team Building Castaway

Raft Building Team Building
Build a raft with bamboo, floats, rope, and wood to escape the shark infested waters on a beautiful tropical beach location!

Park Scavenger Hunt taking your teams on a Wild Search.

Park Scavenger Hunt Thailand
If you love scavenger hunts you’ll enjoy solving puzzles, clues and finding locations around some of the most beautiful local parks in Thailand.

Hua Hin Amazing Race. Challenging and Fun.

Hua Hin Amazing Race
Temples, train stations, fishing villages and more! The best way to see some of the most beautiful locations in Hua Hin while having fun.

Castaway Fun on the Beach