Arts and Crafts Thai Culture Team Building

Thai Culture Team Building

Thai Culture team building. Develop your artistic skills with this is truly unique Arts and Crafts team building Thailand event.

Participants increase their awareness of Thai culture while they focus on teamwork, productivity and time management.

Our Arts and Crafts team building event takes place at a beautiful location just outside on Bangkok enabling teams to develop their artistic skills in a tranquil setting.

Thai Culture Team Building Challenges

Your group will be welcomed by a traditional Thai musical band and then divided into teams to achieve each of the following challenges:

Traditional Weaving: Each team member has to use coconut leaves to weave a fish with help from expert Thai weavers and picture boards.

Bamboo Dancing: Learn the steps from skilled dancers and then perform your team’s best bamboo dance

Floral Garland Making: Each team member has to make a beautiful floral garland using orchids with assistance from experienced florists

Rice Processing: Given a basket of rice grains, each team needs to grind and husk rice using traditional farming equipment including grinder, mortar and husking baskets.

Herbal Compress: Using a variety of Thai fresh herbs, wrapping cloth and string, teams have to make 2 herbal compress with the help of Thai Traditional Medicine specialists

Clay Pottery: With the help of our pottery makers, teams have to make traditional pots on a traditional potter’s wheel and mold their company logo from soft clay

Umbrella Painting: Following a demonstration from our artists teams paint Thai floral patterns and their company logo on a traditional northern umbrella.

Thai Kitchen: Team has to make a favorite local delicacy from fresh ingredients, which our staff will demonstrate quickly once. Then the team has to recreate the dish and submit the best one.

 Culture Team Building Duration

While educational these activities are serious fun and the whole event is approximately 2 hours. Upon completion prizes will be awarded to the most successful teams and did we forget to mention; you take your arts and crafts home with you!

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