Movie Making Team Building. The Directors Cut

Movie Making Team Building

Movie Making Team Building. This fun team building event in Thailand is focused around the film making industry. Your teams are given a great opportunity to write, shoot, act and edit your very own movie. You can create a trailer, spoof, or even a commercial focused around your own organization.

This event is delivered in 3 phases. The first phase of our Movie Making Team Building Thailand event is the planning/creation of your story board and dialogue. This gives your teams a foundation to base their movies on saving shooting time and editing.

We also give tips on effective shooting, lighting, sound, effects, acting etc. to enable you to create more professional and entertaining movies.

Once you have created your story board, dialogue and rehearsed you may travel to anyMovie Making Team Building Thailand location to start filming. Before teams depart they may take any number of props we provide: hats, guns, masks, wigs etc to help you develop your own characters.

The last part of this workshop is the editing. We provide each team an iPad to edit your movie. Simply import your film clips, choose your preferred scenes, add back ground music, titles, some transitions and your ready for the big screen.


Oscars are awarded for the best actor, actress, movie, director and not forgetting a framed photo of your team for all participants. We also place your movies (should you not wish to upload them to YouTube) on a DVD


We had lots of fun and teamwork during the Director’s Cut from the initial brainstorming to the movie shooting and editing. I think it really boosted our team spirit, and we also got to know one another better, even discovering hidden talents among some of us. Our Safety Managers from various Asia countries really appreciate learning the video shooting and editing techniques, and are eager to share their fun experience with their own country colleagues … Serene Lim, Rentokil Initial