Park Scavenger Hunt Thailand takes you on a Wild Search.

Park Scavenger Hunt Thailand

Park Scavenger Hunt Thailand. If you love scavenger hunts you’ll enjoy this new team building in the park event. This extremely cost effective event can be set up in any large park taking your teams on a wild search while having serious fun. Thailand boasts some of the most beautiful parks in Asia and this event is ideal to develop team work while enjoying the natural beauty of your chosen park.

Teams will be instructed to complete fun and interesting challenges that will ultimately lead them to the end of their given destination.

Park Scavenger Hunt Thailand Challenges

All teams are required to solve puzzles/clues and find locations around the park. This could involve works of art, animals, photos, sculptures, mini lakes, peddle boats, and much more depending on your chosen park!Park Scavenger Hunt Thailand

You can select a pre-designed event from one of our local parks, or have us custom design a new Park Scavenger Hunt in a park of your own choosing. Some parks even provide bicycles and electric cars should your participants have varying fitness levels!

Park Scavenger Hunt Group Sizes

This is an ideal event for groups of only 8 to well over 500++ and all can participate at the same time. Prices quoted will include all entree fees and at some parks a FREE bicycle!

At the end of the park scavenger hunt event a crystal trophy or prize to each winning team member will be awarded. Why not contact us today to get a quotation!

I would like to express our thanks to you and your team for arranging the highly successful teambuilding event for our colleagues. All participants enjoyed it and our expectations were met. We appreciated your enthusiasm and your passion for the event which is something we also feel towards the training sessions we conduct. – Maersk – Jill Sherlock

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