Team Building Activities Thailand Cultural Energizers

Team Building Activities Thailand

Team Building Activities Thailand, Cultural Energizers. Any time of year, compliment your conference with an abundance of Excel Solutions Asia Cultural Energizers.

Asian countries are rich in history and culture which only needs to be discovered by putting aside a little time during your conference.

We have built in some of these fun team building activities into our themed events such as our Amazing Races. Or perhaps your prefer one of these team building activities as the full event!

These are the perfect events for organizations on a low budget or time restraint. If you cannot go to them, Excel Solutions Asia will bring them to you!

Team Building Activities Thailand Sample Energizers

Thai Cooking:

Thai cuisine has become popular throughout the world, and there’s no better way to learn the art of Thai cooking than with some local chefs during these team building activities. Classes can offer you the chance to shop for all the necessary fresh ingredients at local markets and then return to your chosen hotel to prepare your chosen dish.

Dancing Shows:

Thailand is the best place to see authentic Thai dancing shows. Thai dancing styles can only be described as being both beautiful and graceful as the dancers seem to glide above the ground moving their hands back and forth at seemingly impossible angles. Organise a performances as part of your conference or evening meal’s entertainment.


Fantastic dance routines, rich colourful costumes, music and magic – Many of the live flashy, sparkling and carefree theatre productions can provide you a total escape into this carefree world. Compliment your conference with a cabaret and see a slant to the genre!

Fruit Carving:

One particularly delightful aspect of Asian cuisine is the art of carving fruit and vegetables. Skilled hands and a small sharp knife can turn an ordinary papaya into a bouquet of flowers, or a vegetable into a beautiful rare orchid. Appreciate the craftsmanship and start cutting away!

Thai Boxing:

Nothing compares to seeing a Thai Boxing match executed to a loud cheer and a heart racing tune of an accompanying wind-and-percussion ensemble. Welcome to the exciting world of Muay Thai, a proud heritage of a nation. View a Thai Boxing demonstration or perhaps participate in one of these fun team building activities!

Without culture, and the relative freedom it implies, society, even when perfect, is but a jungle. This is why any authentic creation is a gift to the future.