Andaman Pirates. Team building Activities Phuket

Team building Activities Phuket

Team building Activities Phuket – Andaman Pirates. Our latest fun team building Thailand event takes your group on an adventure around the beautiful islands of Trang, Phuket as you become Andaman pirates for the day!

Each team gets their own boat and attempts to recover the lost treasures of Captain Jack and Blackbeard from the clues given in a race to fill their treasure chests!

Before departing the mainland this exclusive Phuket team building event starts off with teams creating their very own Jolly Roger flag. Once completed the adventure begins as teams are given the following clues to recover the lost treasures!

Team building Activities Phuket Challenges

Your pirates are taken to a pirate clubhouse on a small island where gold coins had been hidden. Here you will need to solve the clues to find all the pieces of eight! Search for Blackbeard’s cutlass at another nearby island where your pirates will need to dive the deep depths of the ocean; snorkels provided of course!Andaman Pirates Team building Activities

Make your way through the haunted forest and follow a trail as it leads you to the
legendary skull and cross bones! Bring them back with you or be cursed forever!

‘Why’s the rum always gone’! Your pirates need to make their way through a big dark cave to a secret pirates cove and search for Captain Jack’s rum. Did we forget to mention the only way in is to swim!

Team building Activities Phuket

If you’re looking for a team building event that is different, innovative and serious fun then this exclusive to Phuket only team building event is for you! Contact us today for more information.

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Team building Activities Phuket Testimonial

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