Team Building Games Thailand Enhancing Teamwork

Team Building Games Thailand

Team Building Games Thailand – Traditional Team Building events give your teams a fabulous opportunity to interact on an informal level with each other.

During this fun event, teams will face a series of challenging games that will test the skills of each team member in a multitude of ways.

Each team will be awarded points based upon their performance and the success or partial completion of the tasks. These points will be calculated at the end of the event to asses which was the most successful team on the day.

Team Building Games Thailand Phases

Phase 1 Planning: Each challenge normally comprises of approximately 5-10 minutes for understanding, communicating and planning.

Phase 2 Implementing: After the planning phase, each team will need to set their plan into action and perform the tasks ahead. Normally each task will take approximately 20 – 30 minutes to perform.

Phase 3 Assessing: After each of the challenges are complete, time will be dedicated to review the team performance in an indirect, non judgemental manner covering what was achieved, what was not achieved, what could have be improved, how did the team communicate and was assigned the leadership.

Phase 4 Evolving: Moving to the next challenge teams need to remember and action the results of the previous successes and other areas that need improvement. As the team progress throughout the day so in turn should their success by learning what works, what doesn’t “experiential learning and situational leadership skills”

Team Building Games Thailand

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Team Building Games Thailand Testimonials

Take a look at our other team building games Thailand event testimonials and read the positive feedback from our valued clients. To be one of the most influential and respected team building organisations requires the highest level of passion, performance and professionalism.

Excel Solutions had an extremely creative approach towards team building – we found them professional and open to customising the event to suit our needs. The team were extremely good at leading the group towards what to do , but leaving them space to use their own initiative to take things forward. What is most impressive is the range of options they had for different groups / situations / requirements….that made me certain that we would definitely like to work with them in the future again. A big thanks from the group for the extremely entertaining afternoon… Nidhi Sharma, Unilever, India