Toy Town Team Building. Create your own model town for children!

Toy Town Team Building

Toy Town Team Building. Do you remember that cardboard castle you played with when you were young! Let’s bring back that magical moment and create an amazing toy town for under-privileged children in a local community. It takes a lot of creativity to design and create a restaurant, a hotel, a school, or even an amusement park! Make it a big surprise for the children to come play and have a good time with your teams.

Toy Town Team Building Shopping

Each team needs to work together to develop and create a town perhaps including: a school, castle, shops, restaurants etc and with a given budget set out to get the materials from local stores. These materials could include: cardboard, paper, tape, brushes and paints!

Toy Town Team Building Development

Once each team has the necessary materials they start to build their town! Depending on your location this could be at your chosen hotel or local school/orphanage! No planning permission required!

Toy Town Team Building Playtime

The most fun part of the event is introducing children to their new town! Watch them play and learn as they run around! Hopefully your buildings will remain standing after!

Bring back your childhood days and share with today’s children. This event is suitable for groups of any size and can be delivered at any given location. Contact us today for more information on our Toy Town Team Building

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