Art Attack Creative Painting

Art Attack Creative Painting

Art Attack Creative Painting. Your group will be divided into smaller teams for this fun team building art event. Each team is then given art materials which could be either coloured pencils, watercolours  pastels, gouache and canvas.

This team building event in can be tailored to suit individual teams’ requirements and the subject of your art workshop (including materials) can be decided in advance of the event.

The team building workshop may differ depending on the size of the group. For small groups each participant would be required to create their own individual artwork while large groups would have teams create a team painting/drawing. On completion the artwork sections are placed together to form a final masterpiece!

Why Excel Solutions Asia for your Team Building Events

Art Attack Team Building ThailandPainting and drawing is an outlet for self expression and a great stress reliever. Breaks are given throughout this event enabling participants to freely walk around and look at each others artwork. You will be amazed at the quality of artwork your teams can create and this is one event you can physically take away with you at the end.

Art Attack Creative Painting

Our Art Attack Team Building event is heavily focused on creativity and communication enabling team members to exchange ideas and information throughout the team building session. This also includes the important team characteristics of leadership and most important valued  diversity!

Art Attack Team Building Bangkok ThailandWhy contact Excel Solutions Asia today for an event quotation. Don’t forget to tell us your group size, date of event and location. We will get back to you within 24 hours!

We also deliver fun Art Events in Singapore. Follow the link for more build a bike team building events. Whether you wish to paint the amazing Marina Bay in Singapore or the Chapora River in Bangkok we can help set up this fun art event.

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