Boot Camp Assault Courses

Boot Camp offers the best way to get fit while having fun in the great outdoors

Boot Camp Thailand team building runners compete

Boot Camp Assault Courses Thailand. Our Boot Camp event has been designed to help troubled staff and management requiring discipline!

This Boot Camp team building event in Thailand can range from a half day up to two days, which can make up for the long term sentences served within your company.

Staff and Management (the offenders) who do not finish a Boot Camp program must serve a prison sentence – just kidding! Boot Camp offers the best way to get fit while having fun in the great outdoors! A key to our members’ fitness is the motivation provided by our professional military instructors.

Why Excel Solutions Asia for your Team Building Events

Boot Camp Assault Courses

Starting with an assault course, which come in different shapes and sizes; you’ll have to race with your team across the course to see who has the quickest legs or at least who has had the most practice at fence hoping!

The demanding assault course includes a wall climb, tyres, balance beams and balance poles to negotiate and swings and river crossings. You’ll probably gain a few bruises by the end of the day but that’s part of the fun of an assault course.

Weapons Training

Next in line, after the assault course comes the training of handling weapons. This part of the Boot Camp is a must for any gun enthusiast, showcasing full auto military weapons and participating in several shooting competitions. End your day with abseiling which will take you to the edge… and to heights you have never experienced before!

If you are looking for a fun Boot Camp Team Building event why not contact us today for some fine event suggestions. We are able to deliver team building events from as little as 6 pax to large groups. This team building event is available in Hua Hin and Bangkok.

Our company needed a boost of motivation and team building. We came from China to Thailand and the 2 days spent with Excel Solutions Asia were really amazing! The whole program reached our objectives and our team was really happy about the continuous attention we received in the organization, the propositions of activity and simply the daily logistic matters. Thanks a lot and I would definitely recommend Excel Solutions Asia to anybody who would like to make Thailand its team building playground! … Cyril RUIZ-MOISE, SGD Asia Pacific

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