Circus Team Building Entertainment

It takes many acts to make a great circus team building event.

Circus Team Building Entertainment

Circus Team Building Entertainment – Circus R Us. It takes many acts to make a great circus team building event. Your team is a caravan circus, travelling from city to city around the world and this time, your destination could be Bangkok! Each team has to set up an extraordinary show with fun acts which include, juggling, balancing, dancing etc.

Remember, everyone in the caravan is a selected cast member from around the world and will have special acts to perform. Dress up as clowns, juggle balls, hula hoop dance and more! After all, you are all a very important part of the show!

This fun team building event starts with your team members creating a circus poster to advertise your caravan. Lots of colour and fun just to kick of this event. Add your faces to the poster for that extra personal touch!

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You then create and dress up as clowns adopting an eccentric and fun character using the make-up provided. Don’t worry, it al washes off! You are then given fun time to practice and perform a variety of acts, ready for the big top show!

Circus Team Building Entertainment Acts

Perform juggling and balancing acts using balls, clubs and the odd knife or two! Ok, perhaps not the knives but it’s a skill your team will need to master!

Train wild animals such as tigers, lions and elephants a variety of tricks! Unlike some circuses, no animals will be treated cruelly! They could be ferocious though!

Round off your caravan circus with our ‘Little People’ act to perform a song and dance and your ready to go! This part of the act is guaranteed to give everyone laughs!

At the end of the day all your teams perform their acts in a circus environment including popcorn. Prizes are awarded for the bast acts and prices quoted will include all materials, photographer, and animals!

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