Frequently Asked Team Building Thailand Questions

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Frequently asked team building in Thailand Questions. Below are the most frequently asked questions on our team building Thailand events. If you have a questions which you cannot find the answer to, feel free to drop us an email and our team will get back to you.

How many hours should we have for an event?

We have delivered events from as little as 2 hours up to 3 days. For a single event we usually recommend 4-5 hours. Our indoor events e.g. Directors Cut could be delivered for a whole day while our outdoor event Amazing Race; half day due to the heat and humidity!

How do you price events?

Events prices are based on group size, team size, type of event, date of event and location. E.g. For a team of 8 persons we would book a long-tail boat for THB 1000 but if you decide on having 2 x teams of 4 then we would need 2 long-tail boats hence the price would increase!

What is included in the price?

Prices quoted always include transportation during the event, facilitators, a photographer, prizes, handouts, and all associated equipment for the event. The prices quoted do not include any food and beverage, meeting rooms, sound system, screen and projector (required for Directors Cut)

Do you book Hotels?

We do not book hotels as we are not a travel agent but there are those we recommend and some we do not! If you have booked a hotel we do not know, we usually conduct a site inspection to ensure it is suitable for the event chosen.

How many people should we have in a team?

We usually recommend 8-10 persons per team. For very large groups e.g. 400 we would recommend 10-15 per team.

What events do you suggest for our group?

That depends on the purpose of your meeting, your goals, budget and location. Our most popular event is our Directors Cut which can be delivered anywhere throughout Thailand and is serious fun!

Can your consultants speak English?

Absolutely! Although our consultants are Thai they have a good command of English complimented with that wonderful Thai smile!

How do we book an event?

Only a deposit secures an event booking. This is usually paid 30 days in advance of the event date enabling us to secure your event date, and start the necessary preparations, bookings etc.

How do we pay?

Events may be paid for by TT transfer, cash or cheque. TT transfers must be paid as per our terms and conditions and show in our bank account before the event dates.

How much is the VAT on an event?

Events in Thailand have a 7% vat mark up although you can deduct 3% withholding tax

What kinds or transportation do you use?

In Bangkok city we use the BTS sky train system, large taxi boats and sometimes long-tail boats. Other locations e.g. Pattaya, Hua Hin we use the Songteows.

Are any events dangerous?

We do not put our participants in unsafe conditions and take safety seriously. Our Amazing Races use the safest forms of transportation and we do not use motorcycles, tuk tuk’s etc unless wanted by the client!

We do have events e.g. Paint Ball, Abseiling, Bungee Jumping which are higher risk events! Although we use these 3rd party event organisers we will always check safety standards and deliver the event ensuring our own safety guidelines are adhered to.

If you have a question you like us to add please let us know.