Indoor Team Building Events

Your team will improve its ability as a team through problem solving and making decisions while participating in our indoor team building events.

Indoor Team building events

Indoor Team Building Events Thailand. Our Thai events provide you a great addition to compliment your meetings or conferences by focusing on teamwork, real life issues and concerns that your groups may face on a day-to-day basis.

All our indoor team building events are aimed at building a more cohesive, mutually supportive, and trusting group that will have high expectations for task accomplishment and will, at the same time, respect individual differences in values, personalities, skills and idiosyncratic behaviour.

Indoor Team Building Events

If you’ve ever been a member of a high performing team it’s an experience you’re not likely to have forgotten. Your team members would have trusted each other, enjoyed the tasks given, and achieved the goals.

Why Excel Solutions Asia for your Team Building Events

Your team will improve its ability as a team through problem solving and making decisions while participating in our indoor team building events.

Our indoor team building events provide goals to your group that are clear and essential so that everyone understands the purpose and vision of the team. Whether it’s our art attack, movie making or build a bike and much more, our events always provide clear benefits to your group. Our team building events are also fun!

Top choice of our Fun Event Themes

The Directors Cut

This fun movie making indoor event requires teams to work together to plan and create their own movie. Once their story board has been completed teams shoot and edit their movies. To make it even more fun we provide plenty of props to help teams with their creativity! This indoor event can be from 3 to 5 hours and even more.

Comic Book

Using the props provided, teams are required to use their imagination and creativity to create a comic book story. This could be focused around your organisation, meeting purpose and the latest superhero! Very similar to our movie making this is a very relaxed indoor team building event.

Art Attack

This is the most relaxed and laid back indoor team building event we have. Teams create a work of art from the materials provided which could range from simple watercolours to oil paintings. All you need for this indoor event is a conference/meeting room and some comfortable chairs. Let’s not forget loads of creativity!

The Missing Link

Everyone loves to build a bicycle! This bicycle workshop requires your group to assemble a bicycle and then donate it to under-privileged children. Part of this event may be delivered outside your chosen hotel for the shopping challenge! If you would still prefer to remain indoor then we could change the shopping challenge to an in-house quiz.

Indoor Team Building Goals:

  • Help team members diagnose where they are as a group; what they do well or poorly;
  • Aid in the understanding of group members’ communication patterns, decision – making approaches, and leadership styles;
  • Focus an issue which the team understands but seems unable to investigate deeply;
  • Demonstrate specific techniques that group members can use to improve the quality of their time together.

Why not contact us today for more team building event information. Please also tell us your event date, group size and hotel location/city. We have many fun teambuilding activities for you!

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