License to Thrill Bond Style Events

If you're a James Bond fan then this team building event is definitely for you!

License to Thrill Bond style Bangkok corporate events

License to Thrill Bond Style events Bangkok. During this team building event you will become secret agents and face a series of Bond style tasks at each location that will test the skills of each team agent in a multitude of ways.

Each team of agents will be awarded points based upon their performance and the success or partial completion of the team building tasks. These points will be calculated at the end of the event to asses which were the most successful team.

This fun out door team building event is exclusive for Bangkok only! If you’re a James Bond fan then this team building event is definitely for you! Using numerous forms of Bangkok Transport such as the BTS Sky Train and Long-tail Boats teams travel to their designated locations.

Why Excel Solutions Asia for your Team Building Events

License to Thrill Bond Style Events Tasks


Your cover may have been blown by the Janus Organization! You need to save all your agents! Agents must visit a local temple and disguise themselves as traditional Thai locals complete with golden head-dress/bangles etc!

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Blend in with the shoppers so as not to cause any panic and achieve the challenges given. Agents also need to solve the Bond riddle to de activate a bomb!

The Living Daylights

General Georgi Koskov and his agents are holding secret meetings to plan and take over the KGB. Agents will need to use their cameras to take pictures of the suspected locations from numerous clues given!


Teams have been bugged! Teams need to purchase 23 bugs as well as solving numerous
clues. On completion agents will bug the last destination!

Die another Day

Gustav Graves has poisoned the local stalls and many will die unless you can find and create the antidote! You will need to get as many people as possible to take this antidote once you have developed it!Could your group be the next set of Bond Agents!

License to Thrill Bond Style Events Testimonials

It was a pleasure working with Excel Solutions Asia whom we have engaged to deliver “License to Thrill” as a teambuilding event for our company. Excel Solutions Asia were really professional in the way that they handled our event from queries to execution of the whole event. The event was creatively planned  with lots of fun and challenges! It was a battling test of wits and wisdom which resulted in incredible teambuilding synergy. We really had a good and fun time there and this would be one of the most memorable teambuilding experiences for all of us in the years to come… Zann Teh – Carrier Transicold

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