Miniature Garden Workshops Thailand


Miniature Garden Workshops Thailand. Miniature Garden Workshop. Participate in the art of gardening in this unique team building event, without getting your hands too dirty! You can create a miniature garden with it’s own ecosystem in any size, from a small glass bottle to a giant fish tank. Once your miniature garden workshop is finished, you can take home your little forest enclosed in its own little world!

Miniature Garden Workshops Thailand

Our Miniature Garden Workshop starts by teaching your group a little bit about terrarium – the history, the types, and equipment etc. Our teachers will guide you on how to create your miniature garden from layering soil to trees arrangements. You will also be taught how to maintain and take good care of your gardens.

Miniature Garden Workshop Thailand Terrariums

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Miniature gardens known as Terrariums are sealable glass containers containing soil and plants. Terrariums make beautiful, decorative ornamentals which create a unique environment for plant growth.

Relaxation is a major benefit of having this workshop. It provides you close access to nature even when your group is indoors. Spending time with your tiny trees and letting your creativity flow is part of this miniature garden workshop.

Did you also know that gardening is a great stress relief. In today’s fast paced society which demands that we pay attention to multiple things at one, gardening allows us to relax our minds as well as our bodies. It can also be more effective than reading or working out, and some studies show that gardening can actually lower cortisol which is the hormone responsible for stress.

This fun team building event can be delivered in around 1-2 hours and for a group size of 15 pax to 60 pax! Why not add this to one of our other exciting team building event themes or perhaps just a short relaxing workshop.

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