Music Video Events

Music Video team building events playing guitars and singing in Thailand

Music Video events. Get into the rhythm of a music video event that puts your teams high in the team building success charts. From K-Pop and Thai pop, to US rock and pumping dance anthems, your teams will be transformed into creatives to devise, shoot, star in, and edit a music video of their own.

Music Video Team Building is a workshop event set out in several stages.

Music Video Events Stages

Stage 1: Choosing the track and creatively coming up with the music video storyline to work with the music, as well as with the shooting time and budget constraints.

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Stage 2: Teams allocate roles, rehearse, and travel to their chosen location to shoot their music video. With props and costumes, they dress the music video set, start the music,
and shoot. Teams are offered advice and guidance on shooting a music video: from the lighting to the sound, to create professional looking footage.

Stage 3: Decision making, compromise and team efforts are brought to the fore with teams editing their music videos on iPads. Here they can cut to close-ups, pans, and zooms, to add the right look and feel to their unique music video.

At each stage of the project teams will not only be challenged creatively; their communication skills, co-ordination and organizational abilities, focus under pressure, multi-tasking potential, and team work are put to the test and developed.

Video Awards

A Music Video Making Award ceremony congratulates the best actor, actress, director, editor, and videographer, with a special award for the overall best music video. Each team is presented with a framed photo of their own talent and crew as well as a DVD of all the event’s music videos.

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Thank you for the wonderful team building day organised by you in Hua Hin for our annual Group Marketing Conference with The Peninsula Hotels. I believe the day was really successful, and we were worried about the long drive to and from Bangkok, but everyone thought that the whole exercise was so enjoyable that it was well worth the time spent in the coach. I thought your team was well organised and helpful, and the Hyatt did a great job with the lunch. We thoroughly enjoyed our movies which we played on our Gala night. The day accomplished all that I wanted to achieve. Thank you and I would recommend this activity to others… Jean Forrest, General Manager, Marketing, The Peninsula Hotels

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