Paintball Battles Thailand

Paintball is a safe event and does not lead to major injuries except perhaps the odd bruise or two.

Paintball battles Thailand

Paintball battles Thailand events are heavily focused on leadership, participation and communication. We highly recommend the paintball arena in Pattaya over Bangkok!

You may be buddies in your organization but once you enter the paint-ball battleground the adrenaline starts to flow and it wont be long before you become trigger happy!

Paint ball is a safe event and does not lead to major injuries except perhaps the odd bruiseor two.

Why Excel Solutions Asia for your Team Building Events

Before each battle we will begin with a briefing on rules and regulations, safety, and how to use the guns! We always control this event from any outsourced paint ball marshals as we take your safety very seriously!

Paintball Battles Thailand Match Styles

A typical example of a group based around 40 pax. divided into 4 teams of 10 are:

  • 1st Battle – 2 teams (2-3 matches) – Attempt to capture their opponent’s flag
  • 2nd Battle – 2 teams (2-3 matches) – Attempt to capture the opponent’s flag
  • 3rd Battle – 2 teams (2-3 matches) – Winning teams battle each other
  • 4th Battle – Last Man Standing

Remaining (winning) team members battle each other to find the sole winner! This paint ball event is inclusive of: Images taken throughout the event, transportation to and from the paint-ball arena, crystal trophy for the winning team, tailored event program, cold towels, 2 bottles of cold water, and safety marshals.

If you are looking for a Paintball Thailand event, why not contact us today for a quotation. We are able to deliver team building events from as little as 6 pax to larger groups of a 100.

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