Father Ray Foundation Pattaya Children’s Orphanage

Father Ray Foundation Pattaya

Father Ray Foundation Pattaya. Our most popular team building event in Pattaya, Thailand involves working with the Father Ray Foundation Pattaya where children are donated bicycles from our Missing Link, team building bicycle building workshop.

This Pattaya team building event is ‘all about giving’ and includes numerous children’s items such as comic books, toys etc. which are donated to the Father Ray Foundation Pattaya.

Father Raymond Brennan was a Redemptorist priest born in the USA who in 1972 was requested to assist at the local church, St. Nikolaus church, Pattaya.

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One day a young Thai lady approached Fr. Ray and asked if he could take care of her baby as she had married and the husband wanted nothing to do with the child. The baby was taken in and as the word got around about Fr. Ray’s generosity and caring more young children were brought to him. Most of the children presented to Father Ray were the offspring of Thai women and US servicemen who were stationed at the US military base at Sattahip during the Vietnam war. Father Ray grew concerned about the sudden boom in “war babies” and began to visit the US military in Thailand in the hope of finding ways and means of aid to care for the children.

Father Ray held meetings with several officers in the army which resulted in representatives from the army and Father Ray himself visiting Bishop Thienchai Samanchit, the Bishop of the Chanthaburi Diocese at the bishop’s house, Si Racha. During these visits, Father Ray informed the bishop that the American veterans wanted to build a home for the children in Pattaya and present it to the Diocese, of which Father Ray Brennan would be the manager. Fully aware of the task ahead Bishop Thienchai Samanchit replied, “It is not difficult for you to build a home for orphans and then wash your hand and go home, while it is not known where the Diocese will get money from to feed those orphans”.

Father Ray Foundation Pattaya

Construction of an orphanage began immediately and on October 24, 1978, the governor of Chonburi Province issued the Pattaya Orphanage establishment license. Official adoption was granted on March 27, 1981, when permission was received for the orphanage “to be a child welfare organization operating for the adoption of both Thai and foreign children.” Through the years, Father Ray responded to the needs of children and young people in Pattaya. Since his passing in 2003, the Foundation has continued to care for children in Pattaya in his memory with the Father Ray Children’s Village

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