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Team Building Stage Shows Thailand

Stage Shows Dramatic Arts. Team Building stage shows in Thailand. This fun event is a collaborative fine art form that has team members present their own skit which is a short, dramatic performance (usually comic) to the rest of the group on stage. This may be performed through a combination of songs, music, dance or simple acting.

The start of this fun Team Building Stage Shows Thailand event requires each team member to create, write, and prepare their stage act. By planning and working as a team this will help create a show with a greater impact on their audience. We provide props such as masks, wigs, hats and event a few guns to help teams become more creative and develop their characters.

Stage Shows Dramatic Arts Set Up

We will provide tips on acting, sound, effects, etc. to enable your teams create a more professional and entertaining show!

Why Excel Solutions Asia for your Team Building Events

The second phase of this event requires team members to rehearse before their performance. As the saying goes “practice makes perfect”. The most obvious reasons is that no one can improve their act without working hard to get better! Rehearsing will also
develop confidence and enable team members make the necessary changes before their final act.

Dramatic Art Stories

This is where the entertainment really begins. Teams will deliver their own show live on stage. This is the moment that will bring your people from all different backgrounds together to watch their talented and bravest team members tell a story! After all ‘The audience is part of the show’!

To end this event there will be an academy award for best production, actor and actress. This will be in the form of beautiful crystal trophies! Contact us today for a quotation!

Excel Solutions had an extremely creative approach towards team building – we found them professional and open to customising the event to suit our needs. The team were extremely good at leading the group towards what to do , but leaving them space to use their own initiative to take things forward. What is most impressive is the range of options they had for different groups / situations / requirements….that made me certain that we would definitely like to work with them in the future again. A big thanks from the group for the extremely entertaining afternoon! .. Nidhi Sharma, Unilever, India

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