Stone Painting Workshops Thailand

Stone Painting Workshops Thailand

Stone Painting Workshops Thailand. Give a new life to an ordinary pebble by our stone painting workshop, Bangkok, Thailand! You will never look at a stone the same way ever after you have attended our creative stone painting workshop. Every stone comes with different texture, shape, color, and size! Try creating your own story on a stone and see how amazingly easy it is to turn one little stone into a sweet, cuddly cat! Not only can our stone painting workshop help you to appreciate the value of little things around you like the pebble, but also help bring out the most creative side of you and your team!

Stone Painting Workshops

You can place a stone painting of your colleague, family, or your boss on your work desk. Perhaps to keep an eye on you when you work! Even a stone painting of your loved ones so you can carry him/her around everywhere you go, or a painting of your favourite animal to decorate your backyard or garden! This creative, stone painting workshop allows you and your team to have a fun, and relax with your friends while creating your very own crafted stone.

We provide all the necessary materials like paint brushes, colors, and of course the stones! You and your team will be guided by our stone sainting expert who will share her special techniques on this creative event. You are also able to take your handicraft away with you as a memorable token from this relaxing event.

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This fun team building event is suitable for a group size of around 10 – 20 persons with each participant having their own stones and artwork materials. If you have a free half day from your meetings and conferences why not contact us today for more information and a price on this fun stone painting event.

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