Toy Town Team Building

Toy Town Team Building. Create your own model town for children!

Toy Town Team Building. Do you remember that cardboard castle you played with when you were young! Let’s bring back that magical moment and...
Amazing Race Bangkok

Amazing Race Bangkok and throughout Thailand

What better way to explore your host city than with a fun Amazing Race taking your teams to famous landmarks while developing team work!
Team Building in Pattaya, Thailand

Team Building in Pattaya with Fun Events

Team building Pattaya, Thailand is an ideal location for our high adrenaline action type events such as our Pattaya
Charity Bicycle Build Bangkok, Thailand

Charity Bicycle Build Bangkok, Thailand. The Missing Link

Our bicycle building workshop is an event that is challenging while very rewarding ending with a donation to under-privileged children.
art attack team building Thailand large group Pattaya

Art Attack Team Building Creative Painting Thailand

Your teams each draw and paint their own artwork masterpieces and by placing them together at the end of the day creates one big picture!
Movie Making Team Building

Movie Making Team Building. The Directors Cut

We guide your teams to write, shoot, act and edit their very own movie ending with an Oscar style nomination just like Hollywood!
Thai Cooking Classes Bangkok hotpot

Thai Cooking School Bangkok. Ready, Steady, Cook.

The perfect gastronomical, culinary event in that will provide your teams an opportunity to learn the arts of traditional cooking in a cultural Thai setting.
Hua Hin Amazing Race

Hua Hin Amazing Race. Challenging and Fun.

Temples, train stations, fishing villages and more! The best way to see some of the most beautiful locations in Hua Hin while having fun.
Corporate Branding Thailand

Corporate Branding Thailand. Make A Name In Business!

Your teams sell your newly created brand vision and strategy to a panel of corporate judges representing different industry perspectives.
Flower Crafting Workshop Thailand

Flower Crafting Workshop Thailand

Flower Crafting Workshop Thailand. Who doesn’t love flowers, especially when they are arranged and designed by your loved ones! If you’ve always wondered how...
Clay Crafting Workshops Thailand

Clay Crafting Workshops Thailand

Clay Crafting Workshops Thailand. Our clay crafting workshops will introduce you to a world of handicraft, ceramic products with a concept of one product...

Miniature Garden Workshops Thailand

Miniature Garden Workshops Thailand. Miniature Garden Workshop. Participate in the art of gardening in this unique team building event, without getting your hands too dirty!...
Stone Painting Workshops Thailand

Stone Painting Workshops Thailand

Stone Painting Workshops Thailand. Give a new life to an ordinary pebble by our stone painting workshop, Bangkok, Thailand! You will never look at...
Circus Team Building Entertainment

Circus Team Building Entertainment

It takes many acts to make a great circus team building event. Your team is a caravan circus
Corporate Treasure Hunt Thailand

Corporate Treasure Hunts Thailand.

A great opportunity to introduce new employees to your organisation while participating in an event tailored to your products and services.