Our Exciting, Innovative Team Building Event Themes

We provide exciting corporate action team building events in Bangkok or wherever you choose in Thailand. Custom built, action packed days revolving around your choice of themes. You tailor your day(s) by choosing from a wish list of exciting action packed team building events. This is the chance for your organisation to indulge in their fun side! Whether you want to be James Bond, or Jackie Chan for a day –  we can make it happen!

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Our Fun Selection of Event Themes

Activities Pattaya Events

Activities Pattaya. Wet and Wild...

Your team is required to make your way through a giant obstacle course including big balls, which is a take on the very popular show ‘Wipeout’
Amazing Race Bangkok

Amazing Race Bangkok and throughout...

What better way to explore your host city than with a fun Amazing Race taking your teams to famous landmarks while developing team work!
Team Building Chiang Mai lady Wai

Ancient City Bangkok with Monumental...

A fun outdoor event in one of the world's largest outdoor museums featuring some of Thailand's famous monuments and architectural attractions.
Andaman Pirates Phuket

Andaman Pirates. Team building Activities...

Our latest fun event takes your group on an adventure around the beautiful islands of Trang, Phuket as you become Andaman pirates for the day!
art attack team building Thailand large group Pattaya

Art Attack Team Building Creative...

Your teams each draw and paint their own artwork masterpieces and by placing them together at the end of the day creates one big picture!
Boot Camp Team Building

Boot Camp Team Building Assault...

Boot Camp offers the best way for your group to get fit while having fun in the great outdoors, and perhaps adding a little discipline!
Charity Bicycle Build Bangkok, Thailand

Charity Bicycle Build Bangkok, Thailand....

Our bicycle building workshop is an event that is challenging while very rewarding ending with a donation to under-privileged children.
Circus Team Building Entertainment

Circus Team Building Entertainment

It takes many acts to make a great circus team building event. Your team is a caravan circus
Comic Strip Team Creativity Thailand

Comic Strip Team Creativity Thailand...

Enhance your conference with specific topics by creating your very own comic strip inspiring everyone to approach creativity in new ways.
Corporate Branding Thailand

Corporate Branding Thailand. Make A...

Your teams sell your newly created brand vision and strategy to a panel of corporate judges representing different industry perspectives.
Corporate Team Building Thailand

Corporate Team Building Thailand Branded...

This event is similar to our amazing races except they are branded using your logo with the challenges focused on your products and services
Corporate Treasure Hunt Thailand

Corporate Treasure Hunts Thailand.

A great opportunity to introduce new employees to your organisation while participating in an event tailored to your products and services.
Football Volleyball Thailand

Football Volleyball Thailand. Match of...

If your group has a passion for outdoor sports such as football or volleyball then this 'Match of the Day' team building event could be for you!
Go Karting Thailand

Go Karting Thailand. Need for...

Our high adrenaline go karting packages provide a fast paced exciting team building activity offering you the best of speed and thrills.
Hua Hin Amazing Race

Hua Hin Amazing Race. Challenging...

Temples, train stations, fishing villages and more! The best way to see some of the most beautiful locations in Hua Hin while having fun.
License to Thrill Bond Style Events

License to Thrill Bond Style...

Become secret agents and face a series of Bond style fun tasks at designated locations around Bangkok and perhaps become the next 007
Movie Making Team Building

Movie Making Team Building. The...

We guide your teams to write, shoot, act and edit their very own movie ending with an Oscar style nomination just like Hollywood!
Music Video Team Building

Music Video Team Building. Directing...

Get into the rhythm of creating a musical video that puts your teams high in the team building success charts with Pop Rock and Hip Hop.
Paint ball Thailand

Paint Ball Thailand. Lethal Weapon...

You may be buddies in your company but once you enter the paint-ball battleground the adrenaline flows and you'll soon become trigger happy!
Park Scavenger Hunt Thailand

Park Scavenger Hunt Thailand takes...

If you love scavenger hunts you’ll enjoy solving puzzles, clues and finding locations around some of the most beautiful local parks in Thailand.
Professional Models Thailand Runway

Professional Models Thailand. Strike A...

Show off your presentation skills in a corporate world. Walk and talk your way to success, with a panel of judges ready to crown the winners.
Raft Building Team Building

Raft Building Team Building Castaway

Build a raft with bamboo, floats, rope, and wood to escape the shark infested waters on a beautiful tropical beach location!
Rock Climbing Abseiling Bangkok

Rock Climbing Abseiling Bangkok. The...

An event with a difference as each team member steps of the side of a building, bridge or cliff and abseil to the bottom guided by qualified instructors.
Star Seekers Team Building

Star Seekers Team Building Fun...

Our ‘Star Seekers’ event enables you to have fun seeking political leaders, singers, movie stars and
Team Building Activities Thailand

Team Building Activities Thailand Cultural...

An abundance of asian, cultural energisers including umbrella painting, pottery, garland making, fruit carving, Thai farming and much more!
Team Building Fashion Design Bangkok.

Team Building Fashion Design Bangkok....

The Catwalk is a unique and creative team building event tailored around design, modelling and fashion and a little shopping!
Team Building Games Thailand

Team Building Games Thailand Enhancing...

Your teams will face a series of challenging games that will test the skills of each team member and awarded points based upon their performance.
Team Building River Race Bangkok

Team Building River Race Bangkok....

For all you James Bond fans that love and remember the wild boat pursuits in ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ then this is the event for you!
Team Building Stage Shows Thailand

Team Building Stage Shows Thailand....

A collaborative fine art event that has team members present their own skit whith is a short, dramatic performance to the rest of the group on stage.
Thai Cooking Classes Bangkok hotpot

Thai Cooking School Bangkok. Ready,...

The perfect gastronomical, culinary event in that will provide your teams an opportunity to learn the arts of traditional cooking in a cultural Thai setting.

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